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Your best partner in memorising

Memorising is one of the key aspect affecting study result. Instead of cramping material into the brain blindly, Wememba aim to make the whole learning process more pleasant and effective.

Creating Wememboards, a collection of your studying content with hidden boxes, you can revisit at any time with hidden boxes on and off to facilitate memorization. What’s more? All of these are put in a social network setting to encourage people studying together.

Awesome features


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A collection of your studying content


Hidden box

Turn on and off to faciliate memorization


Seamless scale

Images and hidden boxes can be scaled seamlessly


Hash tag your content

Categorised your Wememboards


log in with QR Code

Fast and secure gateway to connect your account


Multi-Devices support

Available on phones and tablets

How it works



Add up to 9 images of your studying content


Memorisaion enhancement

Injected with proven scientific memorisation enhancement methods


Hidden Box

Create by cue and cover gestures, with customised size and colors


Share with your friends

Once your friends have installed Wememba, they can view the wememboards you shared